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How are you different from other agencies?

Simple answer - We TRULY understand staffing and recruitment and we are not a AGENCY. Schofield & Associates was designed with the employer in mind. We take on the work and commitment of finding talent at a FLAT Fee - tired of the buyout fees and placement charges? So were we and that's why we created Schofield & Associates, LLC

Is Schofield & Associates, LLC a local or national agency?

We work in many different industries and many different states. We are open and honest about where we can provide value. If we feel we can help - we will work our hardest for great outcomes. If we feel we would be of no value or help - we will not take your project on at that time.

Why Choose Schofield & Associates, LLC

We work hard at being a solutions company. Recruitment is hard and WE are great at it. Specialization creates efficiency and high productivity. All are very important to every organization.

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